Second chance?

To spare you the unnessesary details, I am posting my old work up again, as well as new content whenever I can get around to making it.

I got really fed-up with the direction the old site was going in, with all the advertising and lack of content; therefore, I am going to try using WordPress as a “front page” so I don’t have to code everything from scratch again, and the original site as the actual host for the images, so-as to not violate any rules WordPress may have regarding adult content.

It’s been nice to “take a break” and think about everything. Old content for now, new content in the future.



6 thoughts on “Second chance?

      1. Right now I’m trying to get the old stuff up, and that should be done in a few hours. I don’t have any release dates, but my goal is to have something new asap. I’d like to make a single image just to get warmed up for more.


      2. Fair enough. Well know you have at least one fan who’s looking forward to more from you man. If you ever feel like your stuff is going unnoticed, it’s not.


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