Changing Room

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One quiet afternoon Audrey, a single mother of a teenage daughter, dropped her girl off at the local gym for a physiotherapy session. Audrey came into the changing room with her daughter, since the two of them were talking about plans for that evening.

Suddenly, an unknown man neither have ever seen before, walks into the changing room. This man is in fact a hardcore body-builder who quit using steroids in search of something more potent. After talking to his dealer, who miraculously had connections to a very advanced facility used to prepare a whole array of substances for sale on the body-building black market, he came across a new type of growth hormone that had radical results which have never been seen before. So radical, even he dare not use it, but he had heard from animal tests that the results were shocking.

This man has always enjoyed the thought of muscular women, however after experimenting with a long-lasting aphrodisiac from the same dealer called PT-141, the man suddenly became overwhelmed with desire, and found himself in the grips of an uncontrollable sexual urge.

At this point, he came up with a plan to turn one of the women at the gym into a muscle woman. Bursting with Testosterone, growth hormone, and PT-141, the man didn’t give any possible consequences a second thought.

As it turned out, he got his hands on the unnamed miracle growth hormone just as Audrey and her daughter stepped into the building. He watched them both walk into the changing room, and thought for a moment about which one he should inject. The prospect of someone else watching him do all this just filled him with an even stronger urge to go for it.

He slowly opened the door into the changing room as Audrey and her daughter are discussing when Audrey should return to pick her up…

Warning: Contains nudity.

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