The Selfie

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Lindsay bought some brand new sexy red underwear, and can’t help but notice that she looks pretty damn good. Her body is perfectly slender, and she decides to whip out her smart-phone and take some pictures of herself in the mirror. She thinks to herself: “Who knows, maybe if I post these pictures I’ll get a message from a modelling agency. Or at least I’ll make my ex-boyfriend jealous!”. She grabs her phone, opens the camera application, and strikes a pose in the mirror. After taking a few images, Lindsay starts to feel a little hot and puffy. As she looks at herself in the mirror, she notices that her body appears to be becoming larger. Is this an allergic reaction to something she ate? Lindsey looks on with an increasing level of distress as the growth doesn’t slow down, but actually speeds up. Pretty soon, her expensive new red underwear is left shredded and torn to pieces; however, looking at what’s happening to her body, her underwear is the least of her concerns.

5 thoughts on “The Selfie

    1. Hey there. Sorry for the delay in approving and replying your comment. I only just read it about 5 minutes ago.

      Right now I need to get my images back up. My web hosting account expired a month ago, and I forgot all about it. So now no-one can view my images. Not good 😦

      Yes, I will have new image content uploaded soon. I’m currently taking professional 3D animation classes to create an animated 3D FMG sequence. There’s really nothing out there right now that’s at the level of a hardcore, full-length, photo-realistic animated FMG sequence.

      I’ll get the hosting taken care of asap. New content will be uploaded very soon. The 3D animated sequence is for the future.

      Thank you for your support!


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