Muscle Mutilation

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We all know aliens like to play games with us via ambiguous visits and abductions that cannot be remembered, but who knew aliens also enjoyed Female Muscle Growth?

Felicity is a teenager who was driving alone to meet up with her best friend, when she noticed a triangular formation of orbs seemingly far away in the sky. She stops for a moment to look at them, and whips out her phone to get some video. Suddenly, two orbs come from behind and hover right above her head. Before Felicity can react, a huge round metallic object zooms in from behind her at incredible speed, and stops instantly.

The sense of wonder is immediately replaced by fear, and leads Felicity to get back into her car to get away. As she turns her back to the UFOs now hovering all around her, she’s suddenly bathed in a green light, and then ripped from her feet a second later.

Two bright, yet translucent beams shoot into her back. She moves her legs around trying to find the ground when she realizes that she is now hovering in the air. As she hovers, her body becomes hot, and her heart beats even faster than the palpitations she is already experiencing.

Suspended in the air, her clothes get tighter and body temperature rises as her muscles grow, turning the average-build girl into something else. Too shocked to scream, unable to run, and utterly robber of her free will, Felicity will never be the same again.

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